Wednesday, February 23, 2011

indoor water sculptures

Vision Indoor Floor Water Fountain - $ 12000.00
Water features and fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home. The Vision Indoor Floor Water Fountain will be a stunning addition to your decor.

indoor water sculptures

Bestow your household with the beauty of flowing water through the Vision indoor floor water fountain from Exalted Fountains. The steady flow of shimmering water on this exquisite stainless steel and glass water feature is a sight to behold. You experience a calm feeling from just entering the room. This stainless steel framed unit is constructed with a black tempered glass face. Behind the glass is a 32" or 42" widescreen LCD HDTV. There is a bracket to hold a media player (player not included). The water flow can be reduced to a mere trickle to reduce noise in your environment, or set on high for real waterfall sound.

Floor fountains are home accents which can be useful in several ways. When incorporated into a space, large floor waterfalls can be installed to appear as part of the architecture of an existing structure, or kept as movable accent pieces that are easy to reposition as needed. Floor fountains can both break a large area in to smaller ones as well as make a small area appear larger. There are positive advantages of using floor fountains in residential and business applications. These types of features are often used to create additional rooms in a large space because they are so large they appear as additional walls which can be repositioned according to need.

A major reason why free-standing water fountains are well-liked is that they are so effortless to set up. They only need to be unpacked, assembled, filled with water and connected to an electrical outlet. Floor standing water features can also be moved as needed and conditions necessitate. A lot of people benefit from using waterfalls in numerous locations at different times.M.

When using floor water features then it is best to use the rear mounted middle panel style if the waterfall is to be positioned straight up next to a wall, and central mounted panel styles if you want to position the feature in the center of a room or away from a wall or other solid surface. The reason for this is that with rear mounted panels made of see-through materials it can be hard to observe the water flow if there is a solid surface too close up behind it. This has to do with there not being enough light to reflect the water between the glass and wall. This is why floor waterfalls with main panels mounted on the rear lip of the reservoir are more often than not constructed of solid materials like mirrors or stone, while center panel types are made of more transparent materials like clear or textured glass which grant more room on either side for reflected light.